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#204: I Always Want A Cookie

What we thought was a quiet week on the news side ends up with info coming at us from all sides! Luckily we are here to help break it all down for you.   EA might lose Star Wars, mods coming to Cities: Skylines, Xbox One is on fire in Japan and GTA 5 sells […]


#203: Pillars of Paternity

ESports in the olympics? It could be coming sooner than you think!    This week in the world of Xbox, we discuss Fortnite getting 3.4 million concurrent players and then promptly crashing, Battlefront 2 getting Clone Wars DLC, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire coming to Xbox One, Destiny 2’s Crimson Days and Kingdom Hearts 3’s […]


#202: Gears of Star Wars

Episode 2 of Season 2!  We’re so excited, we almost skip the intro completely.    Sea of Thieves has a real life store thats about to take all our money, Respawn are working on a Star Wars game, Final Fantasy XV is getting cross-play and we would be totally cool if Microsoft bought EA. All […]


#201: No One Dropped A Plum In There

Welcome to Season 2! We are back and in your ears.   This week, we talk about Xbox Game Pass getting all the games, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, The Division being awesome, everyone hating on Ubisoft again and even more Sea Of Thieves. And we even talk about Microsoft buying EA! If you want to […]

The Xboxcast Presents: A Conversation With Merv

The Xboxcast Presents: A Conversation With Merv   This week, we talk to a long-time friend and old colleague of Producer Paul’s. Merv worked at EB Games in Hastings and has some exciting stories to tell about the Gears Of War launch, dressing up in full camo and even pre-ordering $4,000 worth of games.   […]

The Xboxcast Presents: A Conversation With Jeremy

Our first podcast of 2018 brings a very rusty Xboxcast.   These holidays might have been a little too good. While we struggle to get back into the groove, we yell questions at our special guest – Jeremy. Jeremy is a proud owner of an Oculus Rift and has spent many hours in VR, so […]


The Xboxcast Presents: A Conversation With Lee

For our last podcast of 2017, we have Lee on with us. You may have heard us mention him as Little Lee or Lieutenant Lee. Lee is new to the Xbox family and new to gaming in general, so his thoughts on Xbox come from a place of ‘innocence’… In a first, The Xboxcast all […]


The Xboxcast Presents: A Conversation With Jordan

Today we are talking to Jordan.   You may recognize the name – we have spoken about him quite a bit. He’s our resident PlayStation fan, our biggest critic and when it comes to old school gaming, Jordan knows more than you and I.   If you like what you hear, follow Jordan @MrJordany on […]


The Xboxcast Presents: A Conversation With Rebekah

For our first special, we would like to introduce you to Rebekah.   Rebekah is a completionist. If a game has an end, Rebekah has seen it. Does it have achievements? She has them all. And she is an unashamed Xbox fan, which is an added bonus.   Show Rebekah some love and follow her […]