#201: No One Dropped A Plum In There


#201: No One Dropped A Plum In There

Welcome to Season 2! We are back and in your ears.


This week, we talk about Xbox Game Pass getting all the games, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, The Division being awesome, everyone hating on Ubisoft again and even more Sea Of Thieves. And we even talk about Microsoft buying EA! If you want to read more about what we talk about, check out our website. There you'll find links to the news stories we spoke about on this episode. 


For those that might not be aware, we are doing more with our YouTube channel. Our first Distractions episode is now live and we go over our thoughts on the Sea Of Thieves Closed Beta. Be sure to check it out! Producer Paul did a fantastic job on it, and it will blow your socks off! 



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