Episode 1.5 : The Xboxcast Midwinter Special

Hi guys and welcome to our midwinter special!

You might have wanted to know more about us. None of you asked. So we did it any way. We asked each other a few questions and then rambled on for a bit. We have put a bit more effort into this episode and even done some pre-production on it!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this very special episode of The Xboxcast!

Show Notes:

Get to know The Cast questions
• What got you into gaming and what are first games you remember playing?
• Which consoles and computers did you own?
• Where did your gamertag come from?
• Why Xbox?
• What is your favourite game or games of all time?
• Why do you do the Xboxcast? Why do you give up a few hours of your week to get together and record a podcast?

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