Welcome to Episode 0.3 : E3 Waterfall!

You thought we were done with E3? You were wrong! E3 has just ended so that gives us everything we need to jump on the hype train. We talk about the games that got us most excited, some that are meh and of course, the Xbox in the room – the beast itself – The Xbox One X.



One thought on “Episode 0.3 Beta : Sea of Threes”

  1. It’s Jorrrrdaaaaaaaaaaan,
    Kyle don’t be dissing the indies maaaan. You better remember where your roots came from and it came from PIXELS MAN. Indies be respecting the pixel heritage they came from maaaaaaaaaaaan

    Don’t be player indie hating maaaaaaaaaaaan

    Long live cuphead. MS finally letting it outta the dungeon aye man? Also to correct you all on that, it was a bosh-rush game with an over-world type thing for level transitions. Then MS offered them cash to make the game bigger and add platforming. It then went into Dev hell for 3 years as they already had their game idea down and now had to add more. It shows they didn’t know how to do platforming in the earlier demos. Looks ok now. The bosses will still be the best thing. Also coop.

    Some indies are trash tho. Im more angry at the early access program and indies who cash out early on a half baked game.


    Podcast was good. Legit getting better eveytime. Remember to silently fact-check in the background tho. If this ever gets big and you get fans etc. you gotta make sure you speak 90% or as close to the truthy-facts as you can!
    My E3 highlights: All the Bethesda VR content!

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